Artists Presentation Guide


This is a basic guideline for grooming and clothing choices to cover our expectations for The Beauty Hub artists.

The Beauty Hub customers will take note of your personal presentation, hair and makeup. So by making sure you look fabulous, you will assure clients that you will take the same care and attention with their service.

First Impressions Count!

Hair & Makeup

  • Please wear a full makeup look to any Beauty Hub booking. As a professional makeup artist, your makeup should be polished and well-applied. Keep your look natural (Not heavy coverage, just day makeup, and on-trend)
  • Hair must be tidy and styled. If worn down, either curled, waved or straightened. If worn up, please keep it simple and in a topknot or bun.

Makeup Do's:

Makeup Don'ts:

Hair Do's

Hair Don'ts:

Hands & Hand Hygiene

  • Your hands are often one of the first things your client will notice. Keep nails clean and tidy, no chipped polish. If you don’t have time to maintain a manicure, please keep polish nude or clear.
  • Remember, you may need to remove your shoes at client’s homes, pleasure keep your pedicure maintained or nude, or wear socks.
  • Make sure to sanitize your hands (before every client) in front of your client so your client is aware you have done this.

Nail Do's

Nail Don'ts

Personal Hygiene

  • Always make sure you wear deodorant. Carry a deodorant in your kit to reapply if needed.
  • Fragrance, please choose something light and fresh. A heavy scent can overpower our clients.
  • Use breath mints before starting work with a client, and when you need to need to freshen up e.g. after a coffee.
  • If you smoke: Please do not smoke prior to seeing a client. Because we work so closely with clients, cigarette smoke is very noticeable to a non-smoker. The smell lingers even if you have washed your hands and used a breath mint.


Your “Beauty Hub” T-shirt (or uniform provided) MUST BE WORN TO EVERY JOB

Please keep your appearance professional, simple, and tidy.

  • Keep your outfits all black. You may end up in the background of wedding photos. By keeping your look discreet, you won’t create distractions in any shots.
  • Do not wear low cut tops, crop tops, short skirts or dresses. When setting up, working with a client, or on location, you may need to bend over for products etc. Please be aware your client will have a different eye view than you.
  • Dressing in layers is a good option. Your work environment can vary from hot to cold, especially over a long period. If you dress in layers, you can avoid spending the day working uncomfortably if the temperature changes.
  • Do not wear anything that is too tight or a shoe that is too high.

Keep it simple: A black dress, a black top with a pant or skirt combo, flat shoes or low heel.

Clothing Do's

Summer & Winter

Clothing Don'ts

Summer & Winter