“The Complete Look”
Clothing – Makeup – Hair – Accessories

Your wedding is such an important day and we understand that you have a unique style and want to look your very best for you wedding, and to feel amazing on your wedding day.

Deciding on your look, and defining the style for one of the biggest day in your life can be a little overwhelming. With our Bridal styling service we can help you with everything you need to know based on your style and budget.

  • Each Bridal service $120.00 per hour 
  • We begin any service with a ½ hour complimentary consultation.

Whatever you need we can do

  • The Bride: Book appointments and accompany you to see bridal collections. This can be as many as you chose. 
  • The Bridal party: Chose the dress style and colours for your bridesmaids to ensure everyone’s tastes are catered for.
  • The details: From the accessories, the heels, to the lingerie. 
  • The Groom: For the groom and his men, look after suiting and find the right tie, shirt, and shoes.
  • Mother of the Bride and Groom: Decide on the perfect look that will compliment you and the wedding party.

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