When at bookings, you are working for and representing The Beauty Hub Ltd (not your personal Brand).

This means you are not to discuss any personal work, give out your personal makeup cards, or share your personal number or social media links. If customers ask, please only discuss and direct them to The Beauty Hub and hand them The Beauty Hub business card.

You have been chosen as part of our team because of your skills, but also your lovely personality!  Please be aware of everyone in the room and act appropriately at all times, keep conversations friendly and appropriate.  Please do not smoke, or drink alcohol if offered by clients on jobs. 

We want to ensure clients feel special whilst you’re performing your work, this is equally as important as the job you do. It is about them, and we want them to feel like they are the star!

To help you perform as awesome as we know you are, we have put together a little check list for you:


Booking Opportunities are booked directly into Timely on your available days/times, or they maybe sent via email or text/Whatsapp, there are times when it will be a bulk email to artists, first to respond and accept will be allocated the booking.

If you accept the booking and the bookings manager confirms, please add the booking information to YOUR diary. Booking opportunities will contain all the information required for the booking. Name of the client, Date, Time, Address, and Services including the amount payable. Please email the bookings team if you can see there are details missing, or if you are unsure of a location or any details.

If there are any additional costs for a booking, these will be specified at the time of the booking opportunity. i.e. Travel (+ Travel/pertol, Parking, Early Call Outs (EOC), Tolls etc.)

For special clients, regular clients/companies, our bookings team negotiate with them the rates for specific jobs on your behalf.  These clients may have budgets they need to adhere to, or specific requirments outside our normal services.  For these clients, any bookings that are outside your general booking rate will be stated at the time of the booking opportunity. i.e. 1/2 Day Rate, Full Day Rate, Fixed Rates, Photoshoot or Corporate Rates, Regular Client agreed rates, Group Bookings etc. 

Special event bookings are paid at the standard rate unless specified in the booking opportunity.


We set you up with you own personal calendar in our booking system Timely.  Here you will receive notifications via email of bookings.  As bookings come in fast, we may move you onto other jobs if the location/times work better, so please view your Calendar online or on your Mobile, this is the ‘master’ over emails, as the booking system does not send notifications sometimes, nor cancellation emails.

It is very important that you regularly update your calendar and block out any times that they are unavailable in Timely to ensure that the Bookings Team can assign appointments as efficiently as possible.

If you are ‘busy’ please include your location so if we have a job for you before/after in that area, or on your way home for exmaple, we could assign you that job.  So include your location in your ‘blocked times’ and then we know where you are 🙂

Artists should refer to the booking notes for any further information regarding the booking.  Additional information includes info such as: Themed makeup (50’s Glamour, Day of the Dead, etc.), special address directions, information about the client, information on clients style expectations, inspo pic emailed to you, payment details, parking info etc.


Additional information regarding the booking will be in the notes in Timely, with the original booking opportunity.  However, in instances where we receive additional information after the booking has been confirmed, the Bookings Team will send you an email with the details.

If you receive a personal email from the Admin Team, that is not an automated booking email, such as ‘inspo photos for a Bride’ please respond to the email with a quick reply such as “thanks” or “confirmed” so the team know you have received it, and seen the details.


The client is invited to share with us any inspirational ideas of their desired style, if the Booking Manager receives any information regarding inspiration from the client, this is directly passed on to the assigned artist.

Please let us know if you are not confident to do the style or if you feel you need more information from the client, such as their hair length/thickness etc.


The Beauty Hub endeavors to lock in all details with the client as quickly as possible. However, there are times when a client may add an additional service, cancel one or make changes to their booking.  This is where again we ask you to check regularly you Calendar for any changes to ensure they don’t clash with your schedule.  

If you have any questions regarding a booking, please email the bookings team as soon as possible.


The Beauty Hub endeavors not to transfer you off a booking that has been confirmed. However, there are instances where we may transfer you onto a different booking which could be for various reasons such as, a change in a booking that you are unable to perform, a change in location, you are more suited to a new booking due to your expertise etc.   

Please feel confident that our bookings team take a lot of care to match the client with the best Artist for them, for both personality and expertise, so any changes are always in the best interest of not only our customers, but equally as important whats best for you and your skills.


Although this is not a frequent occurrence, of course this does happen if clients are sick for example.

Depending on the reason why clients cancel, they are either charged a cancellation fee, or if they are going to rebook and change the date then their deposit is able to be used for the new date. 

Please note, if a customer cancels prior to their deposit being paid, we cannot enforce they pay a cancellation fee.

However, if they have paid and we feel the reaons for the cancellation warrants the deposit being non-refundable, then you will be paid your share of the cancellation fee.  This decsion is up to the bookings team to use their discretion and decide the farest action for both parties, and to protect The Beauty Hub’s reputation and ensure that customer returns at a later date.


As wedding bookings are made quite far in advance, an initial request will be sent out to Artists either by a booking note in Timely or via Email. Once the bride has paid the deposit, the booking will be confirmed with you in your Timely calendar.

Our Weddings Bookings Team can spend weeks speaking to a Bride about you and your skills, recommending you and arranging the details, so we ask once Weddings are confirmed that you do not pull out of a Wedding and let that Bride down, after all our hard work to secure you the booking, unless you are sick of course.

You will receive all wedding details from the Weddings Bookings Manager, any questions should be directed to their inbox 


Please add all confirmed bookings to your diary. Once you have committed to a booking, we don’t send follow-up reminders. It is your responsibility to manage your diary and bookings you have accepted.


Most artists have already been given the black “The Beauty Hub” logo shirt or TBH Bomber – If you haven’t yet, please wear a smart casual, all-black clothing and shoes.

Artists that are representing The Beauty Hub are encouraged to have a clean/polished look. This means;

✔️ At a bare minimum day look makeup irrelevant of the commencement time of booking (early start)

✔️ Hair must be styled

✔️ Clean and tidy nails – No chipped polished

✔️ Wear deodorant and light perfume

✔️ Utilize mints or breath spray

If you do smoke, please refrain from smoking before a job as to a ‘non-smoker’ the smell of smoke cannot be hidden no matter how many mints you have.


Make sure you have ample travel time, included but not limited to peak hour traffic, road works etc. Please ensure that you have reviewed the clients address prior to the booking.

You must use GOOGLE MAPS TO CHECK TRAVEL TIMES PRIOR TO LEAVING to see any traffic issues – THEN allow extra time in case of accidents/traffic on the way.

If booking is in CBD etc. please allow time to park.

PLEASE NOTE: You are expected to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to client service start time.


13.1 Travel to Waiheke Island

Park at the downtown terminal (Wilson’s Parking at Princess Wharf on Quay Street and is $25 for 24hours, 6 minute walk to Ferry)

Catch the Waiheke Passenger Ferry (Ferry Terminal, 99 Quay Street)
The Ferry will take approx 40 mins.

Prior to the booking date, the Booking Manager will advise if pre-arranged transit by the client to and from the wharf is agreed upon, in the event that no transit by the client then;
When arriving on Waiheke Island, please call a taxi (09) 372 4111 to take you to your venue. Please ask for a receipt and sent to for reimbursement.

13.2 Travel in KM’s

Travel to certain areas in Auckland is an additional amount payable on top of the service fee. At the time of booking, the Bookings Manager will advise if the booking attracts any additional travel amount that is payable to you.


Inner city parking is usually quoted to the client at an average of $30.00, at times the cost of parking (especially on a weekday), can be street and/or at a lower cost.

When parking, priority is proximity to the location of the client as you are carrying your MU & H Kits, please endeavor to park at a cost-effective space. However, at times in the city, we understand that this is unavoidable.

Please advise your client of parking cost if COD, if the booking is an invoice, please include a photo/copy of the parking ticket cost with your invoice.

In lieu of parking, if you opt to Uber, the cost should not be more than the total amount quoted to the client on a return trip.


We require our Artists to carry a completely stocked Makeup & Hair Kit/s and expect that they are clean and sanitized at all times.

If you do not have a full kit and range of products, please reach out to The Beauty Hub and we will assist.


Stocked with a variety of;

Foundations, Concealers, Primers and Powders
➔ Eyeshadows, Eyeliners, and Brow Palettes
➔ Various Mascaras (Waterproof, Sensitive, etc.)
➔ Lip liners, Lipstick and Lip-glosses
➔ Blushers, Contouring Pallette and Highlighter Palette
➔ Makeup Setting Spray
➔ Disposable Mascara Wands
➔ Lash Flares and A selection of False Lashes
Be aware of how to use them and how you can advise your client to remove them.
YOU MUST OFFER your client lash flares **This is included as part of the service cost**
➔ Tissues, Hand-Mirror, Cotton Buds and other essential items
Eye makeup remover or Wipes and Cleanser for removing make up
Clean black towels for work surfaces
➔ Cape or black towels for clients’ clothing protection – place tissues around the collar area of the cape.
➔ Lipstick test pot, with a disposable applicator – in a see-through plastic bag, and a TBH business card. **If you don’t have these, they can be purchased from us, so please let us know**


15.2. HAIR KIT

Stocked with a variety of;

➔ Selection of clean brushes and combs
➔ Electric extension cord or multi, straightener and hair dryer
➔ Selection of hair products
➔ Variety of bobby pins and sectioning clips


When you meet the customer, please introduce yourself by name as their booked makeup artist from The Beauty Hub.

**Do not hand out personal business cards or discuss any personal work with the client when representing The Beauty Hub**

➔ As a courtesy, you should offer to take off your shoes if you are entering their home.
➔ Assess the area for the best place to work providing natural light for makeup and power access.
➔ Set up your station neatly and professionally and keep it organised and tidy throughout the job.
➔ Please be ready to start at the service time specified in your booking confirmation.
Consult with the client before you commence of what kind of look, they would like.
If no inspiration received prior, ask them if they have photos to show you.
Prior to commencing, enquire if the client has any allergies, are sensitive to any products or have any special requirements prior to commencing.
Wash hands, or use sanitizer in front of the client prior to each customer.
Once completed, ensure client is content with the finished product, make any changes as required
Ask the client if it is okay for you to take some photos to show the bookings manager your work and email them to us.

Before leaving the client, you must provide them with a lipstick test post of the lipstick that you have used for them to top up later, an applicator and a TBH business card.
This is part of the service fee!


Clean up your work station, any furniture must be put back how it was when you arrived, and any rubbish must be disposed of in their bin or take it with you.

As you leave, wish the client a fun time and suggest that they ‘tag’ us on Facebook or Instagram and email us some photos!


At the conclusion of the service, you may be unsure if you are to collect COD. 
Therefore, Ask the client:
Have you paid the balance online or will you be paying the balance in cash?

If you were advised the booking was COD and didn’t get paid. Please call your booking manager, we will follow-up for you!


We do ask clients about hair length. However, if your client has really long hair and you have assessed that the style desired in unattainable within the allocated time – TALK TO YOUR CLIENT!

Option 1
Explain that 45 minutes is not enough time, explain you have another booking and offer a solution.

Option 2 
Explain that 45 minutes is not enough time, explain you have to complete the desired style, that the additional associated cost is $50 and will take 90 minutes. 

Immediately after booking, please contact The Beauty Hub and advise of the extra charge.


19.1 Delayed Client 
We do ask that the client be on time for their booking and that any delays due to them impact their booking time. If your client is 15 minutes late, call the Bookings Manager, advise if you are available to stay past the original finish time, the Booking Manager will come back to your regarding the solution.

19.2 Delayed Artist
Please let us know ASAP if you think you are going to be delayed to your booking, it’s better for The Beauty Hub to contact the client, not the client asking where the artist is. Please contact your booking person as soon as possible…


Do not post any images of your work for The Beauty Hub clients on ANY forms of personal social media.


If you are unwell / feel like you are getting sick, please let us know as soon as possible – preferably the night before, so that a backup plan can be made.

Everyone gets sick! For hygiene reasons, we would rather you cancel than turn up to a booking and be obviously unwell in front of a client.


We contact every client after each booking to get their feedback.

Client complaints are taken very seriously! It is important for us that these are dealt with quickly and resolved to ensure the client is happy and The Beauty Hub doesn’t receive any negative repercussions online, on social media, or via word of mouth.

If a client needs to be refunded or gifted a complimentary service for any reason due to artist attendance/ behaviour: The artist won’t be paid for the service.

If you have a feeling a client may complain or did complain at the time of bookings, you must notify us immediately after the booking to let us know so we have a heads-up when we do our follow-up calls.


The Beauty Hub generates an Artist Created Tax Invoice (ACTI) for bookings that clients pay entire amount to The Beauty Hub. Invoices are generated by The Beauty Hub under the MUAs name, info, etc. and sent for processing to be PAID on the 20th of the following monthcopies of invoices are sent to the MUA for their records.

The Beauty Hub is a LTD Company. Therefore, this means that we are GST registered and pay invoices on the 20th of the following month (of the job | Booking) which is standard international business practice.


At times when collecting balances from the client, there may be a remaining amount owed to The Beauty Hub. In such instances, please transfer the owed amount including in the references the client name and date of booking for account allocation.


Please send us a courtesy text stating that you received COD and the amount. We require to ensure that the amount received aligns with the rate you were quoted in the booking confirmation.

In some instances, the booking has charged, or the client has paid a deposit that doesn’t align with the service fee to the artist. We need to ensure that all parties have received the correct amount for the booking.


As we embark on our streamlining journey to make our systems as efficient as possible, we understand that there are teething issues that can arise. Reach out to us if you think something could be more efficient or easier. We are happy to explore all feedback given!